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Xanax, which is also called Alprazolam, is a potent benzodiazepine. The medicine affects the chemicals in brain that might be unbalanced in individuals suffering from anxiety or panic disorder. The drug is used to deal with anxiety resulting from depression, anxiety disorders and panic disorders. However, the drug should not be taken if a person has narrow-angle glaucoma or is taking ketoconazole or itraconazole. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take the medication as Xanax can cause birth defects and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms in an infant. After seeking proper recommendations from a doctor, people can take Xanax 1mg without any apprehensions.

Consequences of Overdose:

Overdosing can cause a lot of harm because it can impact the liver and kidney functions. Overdosing can also lead to impaired coordination and confusion, which can obstruct your normal life. In certain cases, the impact can be fatal as well. Moreover, the combination of Xanax and alcohol can make you extremely drowsy, so avoid consuming alcohol while on Xanax therapy. To neutralize the detrimental effects, emergency medical assistance can prove to be very beneficial. It will go a long way in producing productive results for the users.

Though, people purchase the medicine to treat their anxiety and panic disorder, they sometimes miss the dose. To make the medication effective, you should ensure that the missed doses are consumed as soon as possible. Furthermore, taking additional doses will not do any good to you as it can adversely affect the overall functioning of your vital body parts.

Detrimental Effects:

Some of the negative effects of the drug are that they can cause obstruction of respiration and high blood pressure. Depression and lightheadedness are also some of the adverse effects of taking the medicine for a long time. In order to prevent these side effects, talk to a medical practitioner first, and then buy Xanax 1mg dose.


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