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Generally, Tramadol is considered as a therapeutic medicine with a low possibility for dependence, when compared to morphine. However, dependence may happen if the drug is used for prolonged period of time (many weeks to months). The dependence might occur when utilized within the prescribed dose range, but particularly when taken at supra-therapeutic doses. In several individuals with dependence, substance addiction/abuse history is found.

The orally administered dose can generate opioid-like effects (both physically and mentally) but these effects are actually moderate and not produced if there is parental administration. In general, tramadol is considered as a drug with low abuse possibility relative to morphine. This possibility is related with oral high dose. After speaking with your doctor regarding correct dosage, you can easily consume Buy Tramadol 100mg.

Before Taking Tramadol 100mg:

Do not take the medicine if you are highly allergic or sensitive to any of its active ingredients. Never take the medicine if you are suffering from severe breathing problems or asthma. The medicine should not be consumed if you experience any type of blockage in your intestines or stomach. The drug should not be taken along with tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol or any other types of narcotic medications. The medication should not be administered to an individual who is below the age of 12 or 18.

Side Effects of Tramadol 100mg:

Some of the common side effects of taking the drug are constipation, feeling tired, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Furthermore, the rare side effects of consuming the medicine are recurrent fever, pain in the stomach, discomfort in neck/back/jaw/arms, pain in the lower back/legs/arms, numbness, weakness in the feet or hands, tingling of the toes or hands, loss of memory and irregular heartbeat. In order to ward off these harmful effects, it is better to speak with a doctor first, and then Tramadol 100mg.


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