Whenever we wish to purchase something online, we tend to get nervous or apprehensive to move ahead with our respective purchase. This happens because online purchases involve use of personal information, credit/debit card number, sensitive passwords and other confidential information, which may be stolen, tampered or used for commercial purposes by 3rd parties. Many questions keep popping up in the mind of every online customer. We have made a detailed list of possible questions with their answers for the convenience of our respected customers.

Q1 Which shipment company you use for delivering the medicines?

A1 To satisfy the expectation of each client and to provide foolproof delivery services, we have employed the services of United States Postal Service (USPS), a dependable name in postal and shipping industry.

Q2 Do your products follow national and international norms?

A2 Yes. All our products are obtained from established pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, the drugs are stored, packaged and delivered with strict guidelines and procedures, keeping in mind the convenience and safety of our customers.

Q3 Do you provide cash on delivery (COD) payment option to customers?

A3 No. We don’t provide cash on delivery payment alternative to our customers.

Q4 What modes of payment do you accept from the customers?

A4 For added convenience and practicality of our buyers, we accept payment through PayPal, credit/debit card and internet banking as well at any point of time.

Q5 What about confidentiality and privacy of customer information?

A5 Customer information such as name, age, gender, medical history or date of birth is not shared with anyone except for processing the order, delivering the order and online payment. Moreover, sensitive information such as debit/credit card number, internet banking username/password or Paypal details are not all shared with third parties or anybody for commercial purpose.

Q6 Are online transactions secure and safe?

A6 Yes. We always make sure that all the online transactions are processed in the best possible manner without any flaws or loopholes. All our network security systems are constantly updated to eliminate any type of loophole, therefore expect the safest mode of online transactions from us.

Q7 Can the item be returned?

A7. Yes. You can easily return the item to us if it has been damaged or is defective. However, you should tell us immediately through mail if you want to return the parcel so that the refund processing starts instantly.

Q8 Under what circumstances a parcel cannot be returned?

A8 If the hygiene seal of the parcel has been tampered or broken, you cannot return that parcel. Moreover, if the parcel has been stolen, obviously we cannot accept that parcel. If you want to return a particular item, then it should be in usable and saleable condition for us to issue the refund.